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Norwalk Island Sharpies

The Norwalk Islands Sharpie is a line of boats from 18 ft. to 31 ft. designed as a shoal draft weekender/cruiser by Bruce Kirby. He used the traditions of the Sharpie and the advent of modern building materials to draw a boat easy to build for the inexperienced. The simple cat ketch rig with unstayed masts is prevalent on most of the designs except the 18, where a single cat rig is used. Despite the shoal draft and internal ballast, Kirby showed in stability tests that the NIS concept is surprisingly more resistant to capsize than originally thought. I've never sailed on an NIS boat so I can't attest to sailing ability or seakindliness, but I do take comfort that the ancestral sharpies were very seaworthy in nasty weather and were banned from racing events because they were too fast.

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LOA: 18.25 ft.
Beam: 6.7 ft.
Centerboard Down: 4.0 ft.


LOA: 7.01 m - 22' 11"
Beam: 2.39 m - 7' 10"
Draft: 0.25 m - 10"


Length: 26'
Width: 2.59m
Centerboard: 30cm up / 1.65m down


Length: 26'
Width: 2.59m
Centerboard: 30cm up / 1.65m down


LOA: 31'/9.52m
Width: 2.97m
Centerboard: 45cm up/ 1.98m down