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Pixel FAQ

Where can I buy a Pixel?
Pixels are available from Nearwater Boats, 10 Nearwater Road, Rowayton, CT 06853 203 855-8923. During the next few months, Nearwater Boats will be setting up dealers in New York and Connecticut to handle new boat sales and stock parts.

For all inquiries outside the United States
Bruce Kirby Marine Design,
213 Rowayton Ave. Rowayton, Ct. 06853.
203 853-1899,

How much does a new Pixel cost?
The price for a new Pixel, including sails but excluding a trailer or dolly, is just under $6000. If you make a group purchase of five or more boats, the price is $5650.

Can I join with other clubs or people to get the group price?
Yes. The only requirements are that all the boats must be delivered to one destination, and there must be one person who represents the group during the purchase.

Are there any used Pixels available for purchase?
Pixels have been sailing for less than a year, so there are not many used boats around yet. The good news is that if you buy a new Pixel now it will probably maintain a high resale value, especially for the next couple of years until there are more used boats available.

Will I be able to find spare parts for a Pixel?
The Pixel is delivered with everything you need to go sailing right away and it seems to be durable, so you shouldn't need too many parts. If you do, most of the fittings on the boat are "off-the-shelf" items that can be purchased from your local marine store or Pixel dealer. Nearwater Boats and Pixel dealers will also carry boat-specific parts such as masts, rudders, tillers and so on.