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Nearly 50 years ago I began combining my original calling as a journalist with that of marine design. It's been a great ride since then with more than 60 boats off the drawing board and into the waters of the world, and with tens of thousands of words written, mostly about the sport of sailboat racing. From the creation of the Laser in 1969 - 70 to the introduction of the PIXEL in late 2004, great satisfaction has come not so much from the boats themselves as from knowing the people who sail them - so many races, so many stories, so many friends.

Press Release - April 2013

If you love the Laser please read this!

Boat Builder Magazine

Without even doing the arithmetic, it's safe to say that Bruce Kirby has more boats built to his designs than any designer in sailing history. The 13' (4m) Laser alone accounts for well over 220,000 boats in three different rig configurations sailing in 140 countries. Add the more than 1,200 San Juan 24s (7.3m) that have been built, not to mention the 800 Sonars (23'/7m). However, Kirby's design career and body of work are much more eclectic than these three boats suggest, running the gamut from high-performance International 14 Foot (4.3m) dinghies to America's Cup 12-Meters, with dalliances into traditional cruising sharpies.

Kirby Designs A - Z

Of the 60 + designs turned out since 1958, when Bruce Kirby was a working newspaperman designing boats in the evenings and weekends, a complete list has never been compiled until now. The purpose of the list to to help owners of these boats to know when and why their vessels came into being, and where possible, to tell where information on them can be found. As more designs are being turned out each year the list will continue to be a work in progress. To view the current list, please choose from the "KIRBY DESIGNS" page.